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Individual Therapy

We deal with your personal issues that are preventing you from moving forward in your life in an effective and efficient manner. This is necessary for you to live a balanced life and to be able to deal with life changing issues in a positive way.

Core Issues

Some of the issues that we deal with are:

  • Anxiety disorders – including panic attacks, phobias, obsessions and compulsions, social fears – with a special interest in health anxiety

  • Depression

  • Life transitions: divorce, separation, death, loss, new locations, aging

  • Work challenges: burnout, co-worker difficulties, career changes

  • Stress management

  • Difficult relationships

  • Chronic illness

  • Anger management

  • Personal exploration and growth


  • Less confusion and conflict with family, friends and/or co-workers

  • Increased ability to express yourself

  • Improved relationships with other people

  • Peace of mind

  • Increased self-esteem

  • More life satisfaction

  • Improved overall health

My practice of therapy concentrates on what is happening in the present and when necessary on exploring past issues, most importantly, what can lead to a
better future rather than dwelling on what is missing and causing you to be unhappy.

I place a high value in being trained in current therapeutic approaches
and can customize our therapy to your unique needs. Our sessions may be
dealing with difficult issues but will always, at the same time, draw from your strengths, abilities and hopes for a better life.


For those of you taking medication, I work closely with your physician and
have kept up to date on medication management of anxiety and depression.

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